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Velvet Sixpence

The Elements: Fantasy - SAMPLE PACK

The Elements: Fantasy - SAMPLE PACK

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Equal parts merino, corriedale, shetland and silk. Why not have a little of everything? The Elements:Fantasy collection was put together so that the different colours would complement one another, and this sample pack gives you ~35g each of Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil, Elf, Dragon, Wizard and Magic to play with. 

Merino 25%
Corriedale 25%
Shetland 25%
Silk 25%

6 x ~35g
~200g total

Please be aware that colours may vary between monitors.

Wash resulting yarn/garments by hand to avoid felting (unless you're doing it on purpose!)

My house is smoke free and my cat is kept away from my fibre as much as possible.
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